What if the Avengers became zombies? That’s the premise of this week’s episode. It may seem a little far-fetched, but the way the zombie apocalypse is explained in this week’s What If…? is pretty believable. And while there are a lot of zombie shows and movies out there (and you can certainly see the inspiration from previous franchises here), I think Marvel did a pretty good job in delivering a terrifying zombie episode.

Slight Spoilers

This week’s episode initially starts off with Bruce Banner arriving on Earth, after Thanos beat the Hulk. If this was Avengers: Infinity War, you’d see Bruce talking to Tony Stark and Doctor Strange – warning them of the horrors that was awaiting them. However, Bruce is introduced to a world he is unfamiliar with. A world swarmed by zombies. And while this is jarring at first, they explain the zombie outbreak well. At least, I found it plausible. As plausible as a zombie outbreak can be – remember, zombies are fiction.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

We see many of our usual players here and like many What If…? episodes, this episode isn’t afraid to really explore stories that they couldn’t in the main MCU. There’s plenty of Avengers who are killed off/bitten in episode five. Some are truly shocking. I never thought we’d see the Avengers meet The Walking Dead/Zombieland, but I weirdly think it works.

Rating: 4/5

In fact, I think this episode delivers a more terrifying zombie story than most. Maybe it’s because I am so attached to these characters, the stakes felt high. So, when a character that I love was bitten or killed, it really felt personal. It was completely unexpected and almost felt like more was at stake than anything we saw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Forget Thanos – all of that’s null and void when there are zombies involved. There were great action scenes, lots of heart, and unexpected turns. To see our beloved Avengers contending with the undead…it works.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

What’d you think of episode five of What If…? Do you think this is a space that works or are you not vibing with this storyline? Let us know!

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