[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you caught Crisis on Infinite Earths’ episode last night then you saw the trailer for the upcoming Stargirl series. The latest show to be added to the CW lineup (which will also premiere on the DC Universe app), the trailer promised a story of a young superhero in the making. We got a look at Stargirl’s outfit in the trailer, which is one that we had already seen previously via advertisement. It was in this trailer, though; that we got a look at Star Man’s costume. While Joel McHale looked great in it, fans will see that there wasn’t one definitive inspiration for the costume of Starman.

Let’s dive into some of the technicalities, provided by our own Joel Jimenez. It was previously announced that McHale would play Starman and be known as Sylvester Pemberton. The thing is though, Pemberton and star Man are two different people. In the comics, the classic JSA Starman is Ted Knight, while Pemberton was The Star-Spangled Kid. The design for the live-action McHale costume is something different altogether. It’s likely that the show decided to merge Starman and The Star-Spangled Kid into one person, thus explaining the costume.

What’s interesting, though; is if you do some research, you will actually see that Pemberton is still The Star-Spangled Kid. Along with his partner Stripsey. Yes, Stripsey. Eventually, Pemberton becomes Starman when he gets older. All of these costumes are not Star Man, but actually Sky Man – who Pemberton becomes once he becomes older.

It seems that, like with most live-action adaptations; that creative liberties were taken. The character McHale plays will be a combination and therefore a nod to many of the different characters that have surrounded this corner of the DC Comic Book Universe. The Starman that we see in the series will have the name of the hero and the Star Rod of Ted Knight’s original Starman. The costume will be an ode to Sky Man and the Belt is from the Star-Spangled Kid. For anyone who is a big fan of these characters, it’s the ultimate combination of Easter Eggs.

What did you think of the Stargirl trailer and McHale’s costume?

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