Video is a definite trend these days whether you’re doing online marketing or simply introducing yourself to a new client. Whilst it might sound daunting to some, the good news is that there are many editing tools to help you create videos that work for you and your audience. In fact, when choosing an online video editor, a good place to start is to try’s video maker. It’s easy to use with customizable templates and lots of fun features to add.

How to Choose the Best Online Video Editor 

It can actually be a bit overwhelming when you consider all the different video editors out there. They’re all pretty good and guarantee a high quality video output but there are differences that will help guide your decision, as described below:

  • Maximize the free trials
  • Review the pricing options
  • Choose according to experience
  • Check the video formats
  • Evaluate the various features
  • Ease of use
  • Consider audio

Maximize The Online Video Editor Free Trial Periods

This isn’t about being cheap but actually about not wasting your time. When you make a video, you’ll realise that how you film your video clips will determine the video format, especially when you consider Mac versus Windows. You therefore want to quickly decide which editor fits without spending too much time on the wrong one.

For example, you download what looks like the perfect software only to discover that your video doesn’t work with it, nor can you make the alterations you wish. Of course, you could read the small print but some of us like to experience things. Moreover, lengthy sign up processes are tedious so why not check out the free trials to see if that particular video editor is for you and your video creation process?

Review The Pricing Options

Depending on why you’re using an online video editor, you’ll most likely have different budget options. Most editors offer a basic platform for free with advanced features for a subscription fee. This is usually only in the tens of dollars per month although it can go up to the hundreds for professional options.

Choose According To Experience

Most free video editors are designed for beginners. They still provide high quality video output with the basic editing options such as trimming and cropping. On the other hand, if you’re a more advanced user then you’ll probably appreciate more complex features for when you edit videos. These could be anything from changing backgrounds and adding animations to including complex transitions.

Check The Video Formats 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having just downloaded your ideal online video editor only to realize that it doesn’t accept your video format. You then realize that you can’t even export it for whatever reason. That’s why it’s worth reading the small print and checking your video formats.

Let’s also not forget that each social media platform actually works best with different file formats, size and aspect ratios. Most video maker tools allow you to easily change these criteria although some specifically connect to social media. That means that you can download your video directly to your preferred social media channel without having to worry about the software in the background.

Evaluate The Various Features 

Clearly, features come in all shapes in sizes. Some video editor tools are even now incorporating Artificial Intelligence so that you can do some really funky stuff. This includes creating your own animation characters or translating text into images. The flip side is that it often removes some of the flexibility around video editing but it can also be very helpful, especially if you’re relatively new to video editing.

Ease of Use 

Every video editor has its own dashboard with its particular look and feel. Naturally, there’s a common approach but you’ll soon discover that the drag and drop or clickable buttons are slightly different. This really comes down to personal preference though because it doesn’t impact the final output of your online video. On the contrary, it’s all about your user experience and how much you can leverage the editing tool to work for you.

Consider Audio

It’s important to get your sound and music right even though Facebook now mutes its videos automatically. Regardless, you don’t want to exclude certain users so your videos should work with sound both on and off. There’s something about music though so you might want to focus on a video maker with a large music library on offer. We all know deep down that music has a huge effect. Although, it has also been proven by psychologists that certain sounds and music impact our moods and feelings. There’s a reason horror films have their soundtracks.

Parting Words on the Right Online Video Editor 

When it comes to choosing the right editing software, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not for life. You’ll most likely evolve as you learn more about video editing and you’ll want to switch tools as you work on increasingly complex videos. Either way, think about the various features and how the software is going to feel for you. Then, it’s really all about enjoying the creative journey and getting your videos out there.

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