If you were a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining, then the news of a movie adaptation to King’s follow up, Dr. Sleep should make you smile, cringe, or scream depending on how you view King’s work. The Shining has long been considered as one of the more horrifying haunted house tales. King himself however, had expressed the opinion that Kubrick’s version, while popular, did not actually reflect his story as he imagined it. With that in mind, Ewan McGregor claims that the upcoming adaptation of Doctor Sleep will be very faithful to the source material.

“Well it’s very faithful to the book, the script,” McGregor confirmed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “If you’ve read the novel, that’s the story we’re going to tell.”

As described on the King website, the story tells of the demons that Danny Torrance has suffered since his time at the Overlook Motel as a child. Drifting for decades, he is desperate to shed his father’s legacy of “despair, alcoholism, and violence.” It is only after settling in a small New Hampshire town, finding an AA community that helps support him, and finding a job at a nursing home that his remnant ‘shining’ power returns proving to give a comfort to the elderly who want peace. With the aid of a prescient cat, he becomes ‘Doctor Sleep.’ It is when Dan meets Abra Stone, who has the gift of the brightest shining ever seen, that Dan’s own demons revisit and the battle for Abra’s soul and survival

In addition to McGregor, also appearing in the film are Rebecca Ferguson, Zahn McClarnon, Alex Essoe, and Carl Lumbly. Doctor Sleep is slated to hit theaters on January 24, 2020. Will this be a highly anticipated movie or will it struggle to compare to Kubrick’s The Shining? Give us your thoughts. GVNation opens the floor to you.

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