In the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), the strength of the characters plays a role in the degree of enjoyment that a player enjoys when they join a quest. However, there is a need to upgrade the gear that each character uses. Gold coins are a necessity for these upgrades. These coins are the reward get when you defeat an enemy, complete a quest, sell a dropped item, and others.

Earning a substantial amount of gold is not an easy feat in World of Warcraft. You may be determined to accumulate your keep by purely playing. But for other players who want to level up faster, they only need to buy the gold. Similar to other RPGs, the World of Warcraft also has dedicated websites where you can trade. Let’s give you some pointers then on how to buy them.

In-shop and Auctions

Yes, WoW has in-game shops. But while buying gold outside the game is not deemed illegal, it does violate the rules and regulations of its game developer, Blizzard. All you need to do is log into your account, enter the game, head to the in-game shop where you can purchase tokens using real money. You can put these tokens up for sale in the auction house. Then other players can buy these tokens with in-game gold. Remember to wait for the auction to be complete.

Website Hunt 

If Team Fortress 2, a first-person shooter video game, has trading sites like CSGORoll, World of Warcraft also has similar trading sites like mm0-coins, eznpc, IGVault, Loothunt, and many more. Whichever platform you use, just make sure they are legit places to buy WoW Gold for you to avoid being scammed. You can also visit gaming forums, or you can check the site’s community reputation. But if you want to abide by the rules of Blizzard, you can always buy in-game gold on the official websites of the game. These are and

Item value 

Most of the items in the auction house are looted items from castle raids, and the players who put those up for auction just wanted to have fast cash. Unbeknownst to most players, some of these items’ actual value is a lot more than what they have bargained. You can look for an add-on that appraises the item’s value based on your selected pricing source.

Site pricing 

The first trading website you searched may have offered a low price. But who is to say that other sites have cheaper ones. Look around for other sites and compare their prices before making your final choice.

Final Thoughts

Gold is the most vital game commodity in World of Warcraft. With it being the game’s official currency, it can be used for a variety of things like crafting reagents, repairing armors, buying new equipment, and others. If you just want to be ahead in the game among other players, as long as you have the means to buy gold, then just go ahead and purchase all the gold that you want.

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