Xbox Will Still Make Consoles – They Just Aren’t Coming Out Anytime Soon

Microsoft is committed to making consoles; the company confirmed today. Liz Hamren, who is the CVP of Gaming Experiences & Platforms for Microsoft; stated that the company is working on new hardware.

However, she also went on to say that we probably shouldn’t expect to see these consoles for some years. Hamren continued:

“Cloud is key to our hardware and Game Pass roadmaps, but no one should think we’re slowing down on our core console engineering. In fact, we’re accelerating it. We’re already hard at work on new hardware and platforms, some of which won’t come to light for years. But even as we build for the future, we’re focused on extending the Xbox experience to more devices today so we can reach more people.”

Hamren added:

“While we continue to expand in PC and mobile, console remains our flagship experience. We want to deliver the most powerful, capable consoles in the world, devices that empower our players to enjoy amazing games for years to come, including gameplay we can’t even imagine yet.”

Xbox Phil Spencer then went on to say:

“More recently, if you couldn’t spend the hundreds of dollars on a console or potentially the thousands of dollars on a high-end gaming PC, you simply couldn’t participate in the global gaming community in a significant way. The cloud will allow us to completely remove these barriers to play, worldwide. Of course, there’s still a place for consoles and PCs. And frankly, there always will be. But through the cloud, we will be able to deliver a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet, even on the least powerful, least expensive devices, even on devices people already own.”

What do you think about this Xbox development?

Source: Eurogamer

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