Star Wars vs Power Rangers

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut way to long with the Star Wars hate, but no more. In a recent article Adi Shankar says Power Rangers is a better franchise than Star Wars. Okay that is fine since everything nerdy is subjective I can respect that. I love the Power Rangers they were my child […]

Season 5 of Gotham To Introduce New Batcave

With this being the last season of Gotham, it is pretty much common knowledge where this is going. Bruce is going to finalize his transition into Batman by the end of Season 5, which inevitably means he’s going to be getting all the iconic trappings of the job. This includes the Batcave, which will be getting […]

Die Hard 6 Gets Official Title

Apparently, the Die Hard series shows no sign of…dying off. We are looking at a sixth movie within the franchise, with a different name. McClane. While it was formally known as Die Hard: Year One, the now sixth installment will simply be named McClane. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer of the film; exclusively told Empire […]

The Season Two Blues: Netflix Marvel’s Predictable Trend

We were all shocked during the events of the second season of Daredevil, where Matt Murdock’s previously strong ties with Foggy Nelson began unraveling. Not only did their business go bottoms up, but their friendship deteriorated. On top of this, the re-introduction of Elektra back into Matt’s life put a major strain on his ties […]

Adi Shankar Says Power Rangers Is A Better Franchise Than Star Wars

  When the subject of Star Wars and Power Rangers comes up, I’ve never really ever thought about comparing them. They both have been around for some time with Star Wars originating in 1977 and Power Rangers in 1993. Each have their fans but as far as comparisons go, that’s as far as it went, […]

Star Trek Will Receive The Emmy’s Highest Honor With The Governor’s Award

As befitting a television series that has remained relevant for over 50 years, Star Trek is set to receive one of the highest honors in television this year. The long running franchise, which was originally created by the late Gene Roddenberry, will be awarded the 2018 Governors Award from the Television Academy as part of this […]