Author: Devin McGrath-Conwell

Devin McGrath-Conwell holds a B.A. in Film / English from Middlebury College and is currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting from Emerson College. His obsessions include all things horror, David Lynch, the darkest of satires, and Billy Joel. Devin's writing has also appeared in publications such as Filmhounds Magazine, Film CredHorror Homeroom, and Cinema Scholars.

Pirates (2022) marks the feature directorial debut for multi-hyphenate British filmmaker Reggie Yates. Set in London on New Year’s Eve, 1999, Pirates follows three 18-year-old friends as they embark on an Odyssean quest to weasel their way into the hot club party in South London. However, bubbling underneath is a young lifetime’s worth of friend group frustration. Cappo (Elliot Edusah) went off to university. Back in London, Two Tonne (Jordan Peters) and Kidda (Reda Elazour) keep plugging away at a prospective music career. Cappo is their manager, but he’s returned committed to telling his best mates that he has to…

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