UPDATE: Showrunner Caroline Dries has debunked the news that Kate Kane will be killed off

Spoiler Warning: This article reveals plot details about Batwoman Season 2.

After Ruby Rose announced her exit from CW’s Batwoman series, a recent report suggested that instead of replacing Rose, a new character would take up the mantle of Batwoman. That new character being Ryan Wilder.  Right now there is no reporting on who might be portraying the new character. But we do have some plot details.

A new report today gives some details regarding season 2 and they are very spoiler heavy. According to The Direct

“there are plans to introduce Jonathon Crane AKA Scarecrow as a villain in Season 2, with casting for the role now underway. Scarecrow will be responsible for the murder of Ryan Wilder’s mother, which motivates her to want to become Batwoman.”

Also it is being reported by The Direct that Kate Kane will die in the second season. At present, the details of Kate Kane’s death are not known. What is known? Kane’s Batwoman suit will be stolen by Wilder, who will in turn seek revenge on Scarecrow. This news has already been circulating Twitter and lets just say that fans are less than thrilled with Kane being killed off. I am all for bringing in someone new but killing off Kane seems like it might be going a little too far. Using Wilder and recasting Kane to show up at a later time seems logical to me.

Season 2 will premier in January 2021 as long as there are no additional delays due to the coronavirus.

Let us know your thoughts on Scarecrow joining the show plus Kate Kane being killed off.

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