Ronald D. Moore is a renowned writer/director who has helped bring us Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica’s revival, Outlander, and For All Mankind. What else would Moore love to get his hands on? Star Wars.

“It’s always something that’s on my mind but clearly, they have their Star Wars plate full at the moment. I’m not sure this is the moment that you go in and pitch a new Star Wars series over there. I would love to do something in that franchise. It was fun to go work on the abortive live-action show that I did way back when. I got a tremendous amount of thrill of writing lines for Darth Vader in one episode and it would be fun to do that again. It’s just not the first piece of development I’m doing over there but hopefully, I’ll be allowed to do that at some point.”

Moore continued:

“I am old enough to have gone to Star Wars in the summer of ’77 and seen it originally and then you had to wait years to see the next one. Now it’s just fun. I used to read the novelizations and the comic books in between movies and you saw what a rich universe it was and how many stories you could tell in so many different ways. The idea that they are now spreading out the Star Wars saga as not just the main line of the Skywalker story but doing things like The Mandalorian and all these other shows … I can’t wait to see all the different possibilities that get opened up.”

Moore was previously working with George Lucas on the Star Wars: Underworld series. There was a rumor that the series would have taken place between the events of Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars A New Hope. That plan was scrapped but there was some test footage released from it which you can see in the trailer below.

Would you like to see Moore involved in a Star Wars project?

Source: Collider

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