HBO Max’s Love Life premiered last week with three episodes. Starring Anna Kendrick, the series was then meant to release one episode per week, but that has changed. Due to the success of the anthology show’s premiere, episodes 4, 5, and 6 will be released on June 4th – this Thursday.

The final episodes will then be released on June 11th – a Thursday. Sarah Aubrey, who is the head of original content at HBO Max; released a statement:

“HBO Max audiences have fallen in love with Love Life. It’s wonderfully gratifying to see that fans have immediately connected to the show and we are accelerating the release of episodes to meet their demand for more. We are thrilled to see Love Life emerge as one of the top performers of all content on Max and we love to be able to reward viewers who started watching on day one.”

While HBO Max had originally planned on releasing content week-by-week like Disney+ and Apple TV+, this is a great time to roll out shows quicker. Considering everyone is staying at home. Netflix has had great success in releasing their episodes all at once – after all, it is a streaming service, not Cable. As someone who positively reviewed the first three episodes of Love Life, knowing that we’re getting three more episodes this week is very exciting.

What have you thought about HBO Max’s Love Life?

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Source: Deadline

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