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As I have been immersed in different Comic Reviews, I continue to realize how many great series I had missed. So in between different current reviews, I will look back at some series from different publishers that slipped by. Great stories and art that I’m sure that our readers might love. So first off, I am looking at MadCave Studios Wolvenheart. We actually reviewed Issue#1 when it first premiered. Then, like now, we recognized the graphic stylish look which was described as Victorian/SteamPunk. This is a great way to explain the overall look and it was consistently expressed throughout the series.

Setting the proper Stage

As for myself, I was always a fan of the old Universal Monster films. However, it didn’t make me a snob about more recent films. For one, I really liked 2014’s Dracula Untold. The reason I mention this is the look of Wolvenheart is very similar to the style of Dracula Untold visually. Which means that I really liked it. Artist Alejandro Giraldo really rocks this story. His style is very similar to many of my favorite artists. Fine lines and expressive strokes reminiscent of a Mike Grell. When you add this to his vibrant color, you get a book that explodes in your face. I would also be remiss not to mention the letter work of Miguel Angel Zapata. His artistic fonts and placement, tells the story without impeding the artwork. In fact, it adds TO the artwork. Not much more you can ask from your letterer.

As for the story, writer/creator Mark London has created a story mixed with classic characters from history and literature that might remind one of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Wolvenheart Society, which is home to legendary monster hunters lead by the even more legendary Van Helsing. He is the founder of WolvenHeart and he expects for all his members to fall in line. From inventor Nikola Tesla to the bane of his existence, Sterling Cross. He is one of the Wolvenheart’s best young hunters but he is head strong and if you asked Van Helsing, born without ears…because he doesn’t listen.

The Story Begins

As the story starts, it explains how for many years, the British Crown and The Wolvenheart had an understanding. Their partnership had started in 1841. Since that time, the UK was a valued Ally, but when Queen Victoria lost her husband Prince Albert, her interest in that arrangement waned. In fact, her interest in anything diminished as all she could think about was her tragic loss. Because of that, she was vulnerable to those who would take advantage. Van Helsing knows this and knows the danger it represents. The legend of the Black Queen appears to be more than legend after all. She is in fact, the bride of Dracula and she seeks to bring her true love back.

Eneba Many GEOs

In light of this news, Van Helsing calls for young Sterling to return to the group, much to his chagrin. Once he learns of the danger, he wants to go back to his home to try to learn more. Van Helsing feels that the Wolvenheart needs to stay together. But as his want, He refused to listen. Upon his return, he found Van Helsing and most of the Wolvenheart dead. He sought answers and once again they resided at BlackMoor with Kesia, his adoptive mom and the young Sabrina. Would he find out what needed to know and perhaps find a way to change it? Only time and the next issues would reveal.

Building the Story through Art, Color, Text and Monsters

In the following 6 issues, we are treated to a story mixing betrayal, classic horror, time travel, mysticism, hidden heritage, bloody battles, and decapitations. Everything a great monster hunting tale should.  Each issue is replete with the same great artwork, color work, and lettering with a story that continues to build until the final. By the time the 7 issue series is complete, we also see once again that messing with time doesn’t always end up the way you suspect. If you don’t believe me, watch the Umbrella Academy Season 2. Not the best news for the characters, but GREAT news for those who might hope for a follow-up. If you haven’t checked this series out, and are a fan of the classic horror genre melded with a Victorian/SteamPunk Vibe, look it up. You won’t regret it. As always, you can find Wolvenheart where all great comics are sold.

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