Jamie Foxx, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Maika Monroe Join Cult-Themed Film ‘God Is A Bullet’

Nick Cassavetes’s upcoming God Is A Bullet project adds Jamie Foxx, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maika Monroe, January Jones, and Andrew Dice Clay.

An adaptation of the novel written by Boston Teran, Cassavetes will write and direct the film for Union Capitol Patriot Management and XYZ Films. The movie will begin production on May 24th in Mexico City.

Coster-Waldau will play Detective Bob Hightower. His character is a former police officer who quit the force due to [the force] having botched an investigation into a satanic cult. Said cult killed both his ex-wife and kidnapped his daughter. Coster-Waldau will do what he did in Shot Caller and get a bunch of tattoos and infiltrate himself into the cult. This is done with the help of an escapee played by Monroe.

Foxx will play The Ferryman, but it isn’t determined who The Ferryman is exactly.

What do you think of the plot of God Is A Bullet?

Source: The Playlist

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