Jesse Eisenberg has reacted to the news that HBOMax will release the Snyder version of Justice League after three years of campaigning by fans. Jesse portrayed Superman villain Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman and made a cameo in Justice League. Perhaps Snyder’s Justice League will show more footage of Eisenberg as Luthor despite what fans might think of the actors version of Lex. Jesse spoke with Digital Spy and had this to say about the good news

“I spoke to Zack a couple of weeks ago and he told me about it,” 

“Yeah [I’m excited], because I’m friends with Zack. I’m so happy for him that he gets to release something he’s proud of.

“I mean, I can’t think of any other precedent in history where there was something of this scope. Because it’s not just about releasing the movie, but it required all of this… we call it post-production.

“So it’s not just they’re releasing scenes that are finished, they had to do a lot of post-production and it’s such a big process.

“And yeah, I’m so happy for him. He’s a great guy with a very, very specific vision and so, yes, I’m happy that he gets that. And he seemed really happy.”

While the contract negotiations between Henry Cavill and WB seem to be ongoing, one has to wonder what the future holds for Jesse as Lex. I would hate to see a new Superman movie without Lex Luthor. But Jesse opened up about the role and says he would love to come back.

“I don’t even know if they know what they’re doing with the movies, but for me it was exhilarating,” he said of the part.

“I would love to play that role forever. I have no knowledge about what they’re doing with it.”

Would you like to see Jesse return as Lex? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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