Leatherface Set To Gain Some All-New Family Members In Upcoming Video Game

Leatherface better set a few extra places at the dinner table because he is getting some new family members in an upcoming video game. Bloody Disgusting reports that an upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer video game based on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film will expand what we know about the original story in some interesting ways. Horror icon Kane Hodder will be reteaming with Gun Interactive after their collaboration on Friday The 13th: The Game by taking on the role of Leatherface himself. In addition to unleashing some carnage as Leatherface, players will also be able to take over different killers such as The Cook, The Hitchhiker, and an assortment of fresh faces.

Are you wary about new characters dishonoring the source material? According to Gun Interactive’s Ronnie Hobbs, the new game consulted with original co-screenwriter Kim Henkel to develop characters originally intended to be included in the original film but ultimately had to be abandoned. This collaboration led to all-new characters that will hopefully weave in seamlessly to the franchise we all know and love. Hobbs teased the following on the game’s website:

“Working with Kim Henkel has obviously been incredible. He has placed an extreme amount of trust in our team to deliver an experience that matches the tone and authenticity of the legendary film he helped create all those years ago. In order to accomplish this task we felt it was paramount to focus on the one key aspect that separates Texas from most any other horror franchise in existence. This is of course the Slaughter family itself. You see, Texas doesn’t feature a singular killer. Texas is different. Texas is all about family. The Cook, the Hitchhiker, and Leatherface all have specific jobs to do and roles to play. Without each other, the family simply couldn’t exist and operate efficiently for very long. So when it comes to creating a multiplayer horror experience based on this film, we knew the family dynamic had to be a top priority. How they interact, how they work together, and how they all have specific strengths and weaknesses would be the basis of the killer experience.”

I knew each new family member had to be unique and memorable, while at the same time looking like they belonged. To put it simply, they needed to stand out, but not in a negative way. While I can’t discuss specific character details, I can say a considerable amount of time and work went into crafting each of the new killers. Each one took well over a year from start to finish, and it’s an aspect of the game that myself and the team is quite proud of.”

We always endorse consulting with the original creative team whenever possible which gives us much more confidence in the upcoming project. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is set to debut PC and current-gen consoles in what is currently rumored to be early 2022.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Official Trailer (4K)

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Official Game Website

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