Streaming services have often prompted the question: why go to the movies? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more make amazing content that can be enjoyed from your couch. No expensive movie theaters or overpriced popcorn. No more sticky floors. No more streaming child or that one couple who will not shut up. Avoid all of that when you have the ability to watch films right from home.

The thing is, though; there are some movies that need to be seen on the big screen. Yes, Thor’s arrival in Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War would have been regardless epic, but it was even more satisfying experiencing it in a roomful of other people. Remember how relieving it was to see everyone entrance in the final battle in Avengers: Endgame? You could feel the energy from the room. That’s something special you can’t get from your living room. There is a human experience to movie going, as well as a bit of nostalgia that cannot be replaced by Netflix.

The Day The Movies Died

We’re seeing, though; what life would be like without movie theaters. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, movies and movie theaters all around the world have been shutting down. At first, it started with China shutting down all 70,000 of its movie theaters. It was because of this that we saw films like Bond 25 decide to postpone their theatrical release. After that, it was like dominos. One after the other, movies have delayed their theatrical releases either to a certain date or indefinitely, such as Marvel’s Black Widow. Wonder Woman 84 may have its release date still in place, other movies like Bloodshot, which have had a short movie release; will be available on VOD very soon.

Things looked even bleaker after all movie theaters have been ordered to close due to the COVID-19. We all have said that we’d rather stream movies, but now that the theaters are actually closed, we find ourselves missing that social experience. Every movie and television show that we looked forward to all seem to be floating in limbo. Could this be the future of cinema? If so, it’s a lot grimmer than any of us thought it would be.

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

While everything is in an unsure state, there seems to be a small glimmer of hope. It seems like China is planning on reopening theaters, as cases of COVID-19 seem to be declining in their country.

What movies have you been watching during self-isolation?

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