UPDATE: Our source reached out to us to clarify that that the male POC they are looking for is not a description for Daniel Wu’s Lu Ren. Though Daniel might still be cast, they are casting another male. Also we we can confirm that Ana Miller played by Kristin Scott Thomas in the first film will indeed be the main villain along with the secondary villain mentioned below. Once things start to pick up we should know lots more details about who these characters are and the overall plot of the story. You can read the original story below.

While production on a lot of films is halted right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, studios are still hard at work on planning and casting. We have been providing our fans updated news on the sequel to Tomb Raider as we get it. We have been lucky to have some great sources who are just as interested in this film as we are.

While production is still slated for summer, we think it will for sure move due to the current situation. We recently had an update to a story we broke regarding the film looking for a female person of color to co-lead the film with Alicia Vikander. That update now indicates that they want a Latin American/Hispanic female age 25+.  We’ve got new casting information today as well from a very reliable source that they are looking to cast a man of color, age 30-40, who will help Lara in her journey and a caucasian male for a villain role, age 30-50.

Now I know this isn’t much to go on and right now I am not sure if the male villain role will be the main villain or a secondary villain. I’ve been told they want a female villain for the film but I’ve not been able to confirm that yet. In the first film Daniel Wu played Lu Ren, who was Lara’s male co-lead but no reports right now indicate that Daniel is coming back. He does fit the age range they are looking for so it’s possible he might return.

Hopefully casting on this film will ramp up once things start to get back to normal in Hollywood. It would be good to start seeing some faces with these casting breakdowns. As we reported earlier, they are wanting to do more supernatural in this film but we’ve heard they want to keep the film within a $60M budget. The first film was closer to $100M in terms of budget.

We will continue to monitor the news as we get it and hope to bring you all more information regarding Lara Croft and Tomb Raider 2.

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