I know it has been some time since we had any news on the upcoming sequel to Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander. Due to 2020 being a complete mess thanks to coronavirus, a lot of projects have been placed on hold or pushed back. I have stayed in close contact with our sources on this film as it is one our most highly anticipated.

I dropped some news a while back on Twitter that Tomb Raider 2 director Ben Wheatley was eyeing Hellboy actress Sasha Lane for a role in the film. I was also told that Black Mirror actress Michaela Coel was also being eyed. As for when production might start, I am guessing that it will be in 2021 unless a miracle happens in the next three months. Tomb Raider 2 will now most likely become a 2022 release.

Today we have gotten some new casting details. The film is casting for a character named JOHN (could change) 20s-30s PoC male who is a friend of Lara.

They are also casting for a villain 30s-50s, white. No details regarding gender but our source seems to think it might be Konstantin. (UPDATE: Looking back through our previous reports, it seems this casting has been listed before. So this would mean they are still looking to fill the role. The previous details included the character being a male so Konstantin could very well be the  secondary villain)

We are still tracking other reports and we hope that some casting announcements will happen soon.  I hope everyone who might have been worried about the status of this film takes this as good news and that the studio is still moving forward with it.

Stay tuned to GVN for more updates!

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