Possible Start of Production Date Revealed for Disney+ ‘WandaVision’


With all the logos revealed for the Disney+ Marvel series that will be forthcoming, the one that has more questions than answers is WandaVision. We know that Elizabeth Olsen will be once again be playing Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany will return as the Vision. However, as anyone who saw Avengers Infinity War knows, the Vision is suffering from a malady known as death. Or perhaps in his case, permanent computer crash. So how will he be brought back for this series? Truth is, we still don’t know. However, what we might know is when production will be starting on the series. This thanks, in no small part, to this latest update from Production List:

If we are to take this as true, it appears that the answers to many of our questions will start being addressed.  Well, at least on their end if filming starts on September 21st.. However, with a release date estimated to be in the Spring of 2021, that leaves a lot of time to change things…story or otherwise.

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Source: Comicbook.Com