Due to the coronavirus, most if not all conventions and large gatherings for 2020 have been either cancelled or postponed. One of those being the annual comic convention known as Comic Con in San Diego. Since we cannot go to Comic Con, Comic Con is coming to us. For the first time ever, Comic Con will be FREE and everyone can enjoy it from the comfort of their own home. Collider’s Steven Weintraub was able to get some details regarding the event

The event will run July 22-26 and will have panels showcasing comics, games, television shows, films and more. Right now there are no details on which vendors will be participating or if any of the major studios will be showcasing. This seems still very early on and hopefully we will have more news to share as it gets closer. With WB releasing the Zack Snyder Justice League and Marvel having a slew of films to showcase, one has to wonder if both studios might have some sort of sizzle reel to show fans.

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