What’s happening in regards to the long-awaited Spider-Man game sequel? Peter Parker voice actor Yuri Lowenthal expressed what he hopes to see in regards to that sequel – that was first teased in 2018.

“I keep waiting for my phone to call! They’ve had the Miles game, and with COVID, there’s no way we can get into a motion-capture on a grand scale with all the actors right now, so I don’t know. I wish I had more to tell you [Laughs]. I wish I had more to tell me!”

Yuri added:

“I’m just happy continuing to play the character, to explore his new relationship with MJ, to explore his new relationship with Miles, and to explore a relationship of him without May behind him to support him when he needed her to. It’s an evolution of a character Insomniac had already taken a big risk and important choice to evolve past where we normally start with Spidey. I’m curious to see where he goes next.”

Are you wanting a sequel Spider-Man game? Have you been playing the Miles Morales spinoff?

Source: CBM

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