Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer debuted during Monday Night Football. Impressive footage as always, with more added to the previous teaser. However, I do feel it was missing a lot of key components that would get people excited about it. That said, tickets for the flick are available now.

I would figure that Disney/Lucasfilm would show more of Palpatine in this one as well as throwbacks to the original franchise of characters. Of course, cryptic trailers are typical for this tight-lipped franchise, but this trailer hasn’t made me feel excited for the movie even though I am exited to see it. It seemed like a longer teaser if anything. Well known YouTuber and movie commentator John Campea, a major Star Wars fan, gave his tweet. He was impressed with the initial trailer, which debuted at Chicago’s Celebration convention, but felt something was missing in last night’s debut.

Eneba Many GEOs


The only thing noticeably new was the crews’ short dialogue with C-3PO’s “last look” at his cohorts…whatever that meant. This was rather a hype-less or hype-free trailer if you ask me. Or, should we just not be nitpicky about it and just enjoy the movie when it debuts?

YouTuber and all around movie fan, Tyrone Magnus even said he wasn’t amped about it either. He’s quite the Palpatine fan as he loves to demonstrate the Emperor’s voice.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuts in December, how amped are you about it considering the way it’s being promoted?

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