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Daredevil’s Showrunner Wants to Bring Cast Together For New Series

While the cancellations of all the Marvel Netflix shows came as a shock, none other than Daredevil cause such a visceral effect across the internet. With the #SaveDaredevil tag trending on Twitter and people frequently making their opinions known to Netflix about this decision, someone recently asked showrunner Erik Oleson a question that received a bittersweet answer. Are you reading my mind? #workingonit — Erik Oleson (@erikoleson) January 12, 2019 While we would all love to see the cast of Daredevil work together again, especially with Oleson; but on top of this kind of project, we’d all love a fourth
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Daredevil’s Showrunner Has Pitched a Fourth Season to Netflix

Iron Fist and Luke Cage bit the dust. While Iron Fist had put out a considerably better second season, the distaste people had for the show and Finn Jones’s Danny Rand was too much for people to look past. Despite Luke Cage seeming like a third season was guaranteed, the Mike Colter led series suffered the same fate. While people expected Iron Fist to not be brought back, Luke Cage was unexpected, therefore causing viewers to speculate every other Netflix Marvel show would suffer the same fate, especially with the Disney streaming service on the horizon. Without an official confirmation
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