Smartphones have made our lives easier and faster. With the internet in our hands, we can reach anyone and anytime. Smartphones have also given way to the games industry to flourish. There are over a thousand addicting games to play from the comfort of your phone. These effects may vary depending on the individual and the socio-economic background. With the help of casino games, you can enjoy while earning money if your luck is on your side.


Some games can increase your concentration levels, improve relaxation in a stressful situation or simply help you to kill time. Here is a list of the best games to play on your phone!


1. Player Unknown BattleGrounds – Mobile

One of the best games to date and it is one of the fastest-growing game apps downloaded. The concept of teaming up with some unknown players and rush of winning is unmatched. You can pair up with your friends and have an amazing time being far away from each other.


Combat games have always been known for adrenaline rush but PUBG is on a different level. The controls are easy to follow and it also has a variety of outfits and moves to win through playing. You can also voice chat with your team members in real-time, which makes it really popular.

2. Candy Crush

It is one of the oldest games to be played and continued to date. It is a simple game and can be played by anyone whether old or young, man or woman. It is a big time-killer when you are extremely bored waiting for something or someone. Also, you don’t need the internet to play the game.


The rewards, the levels, and the chance to play with other players make this game quite addictive. The best thing is that the game keeps testing your patience at various levels. There are some levels that won’t pass after multiple tries. It’s all about perseverance and patience.

3. Mini Militia

Another multiplayer combat game with amazing controls. It is a fun game to play and compete with your friends. The graphics are not heavy so it can play on any phone easily. Unlike PUBG which requires a lot of space on your phone, Mini Militia does not disturb your phone storage. The controls are simple making it available to a larger audience base. Also, the feeling you get when you kill someone in the game and gain victory is amazing.

4. Slots Crush

It is one of the best free casino game apps for mobiles. If you want to kill time by randomly playing slots and win big amounts of money, then this is your best bet. With punchy graphics and amazing bonuses, it is one of the best casino games to play. It has 4.7 stars in the app store and one of the first few games to show up.


You can just start with a deposit of $1 and win as much as you play. There are more $1 deposit mobile casino options that you can choose from. They are easy to play and control. They are extremely addictive because of obvious reasons. Not to forget the adrenaline rush you feel while waiting for the spins.

5. Monument Valley

It is a minimalist game with not so heavy graphics. Your phone will have space for other apps. The amazing thing about monument valley is the sound. It has deep and calming sounds that can help you relax. It is much like the ASMR sound effects that might make this game very addictive. It is not a free game so that leads to a minus point but otherwise, this game is perfect for your mind and soul.

Final Thoughts

Those are the 5 best mobile games. Play games with your friends and family and have moments of pure joy. In this time of social distancing, communicating through games might seem like a good way to stay connected with humans. Games can also help you develop quicker reflexes and if you are a casino gambler, just play the mobile casino games.


Most of the games are free so you can try them and just remove them if you don’t like them. There are several theories that say game addiction can become very serious. About 20% of players have addiction issues. So make sure you take a break from the games sometimes.

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