After episode four, things are never going to be the same in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. While the show has been a combination of fun, action, and emotions, episode four brought the story into a more solemn area. There weren’t as many funny quips or bantering. The story took a pause in the first half of the episode to explore why it was obvious that Sam was the right person to give the shield to. Karli may be the leader of the Flag Smashers, but Sam still treated her like a human being. And in a show full of super-soldiers, we need someone like Sam – a soldier yes. But, more importantly, a good man.

Slight Spoilers

While this episode wasn’t as Zemo-heavy as the previous episode, it still felt like the Zemo show every time he was on screen. Daniel Bruhl just commands the screen and I found myself encaptured every time he stepped into the frame. Deciding to bring Zemo into this show was the best decision the series could have made, as his character brings extra depth to this story. It seems the overarching theme of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is exploring the bigger reasons why these villains are doing what they’re doing. Not everything is as black and white as it seems and in the minds of Zemo and Karli, what they’re doing is right. It’s others that don’t have the stomach to do what’s right.

Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

This episode started with an emotional and impactful scene. I have to say I am loving the exploration of Bucky in this series and this episode. Especially Bucky’s relationship with Wakanda. His scenes with Ayo were some of my favorite of episode four – which, made this epic fight scene in the episode all the more jaw-dropping. What started as a small fight turned into something bigger and I wonder what the consequence of this moment will be moving forward.

Rating: 4/5

Finally, I want to talk about John Walker. I think us, as viewers; knew the decline that John would eventually take. And we see it play out in front of us here. While his evolution or devolution was slightly predictable, I think the end scene was a startling and stark image that will stay fresh in my mind. The image of Captain America has been sullied and it will be up to Sam to regain this image.

Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

The next two episodes are going to be insane and I cannot wait for the ride. What’d you think of episode four of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

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