We have arrived at another Friday, which means another episode of WandaVision! I have to say that this episode left me particularly unhappy with the short episodes – I need to know what happens next! I love WandaVision, I’m just impatient. But, this week’s episode was a fun one. Not only because of its homage to Malcolm in the Middle, but because it was the Halloween one! We got to see Wanda, Vision, and Pietro all dressed up in their comic book accurate costumes. And some pretty crazy stuff happened.

Slight Spoilers

We can see that not everything is peachy in paradise. Whereas Vision and Wanda were once #goals, it feels that their relationship is growing apart as Vision slowly learns the truth. And I worry that we’ve been rooting on a relationship that wasn’t entirely consensual. Wanda, this isn’t how you keep your man! I know that Wanda just wants nothing more than to have the love of her life back, but what happens to Vision when he learns everything? Does he eventually remember his past? And does he ever leave the Hex?

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

I Have a Confession

The biggest thing I have to say about this episode and I have to get it off my chest. Ready? I find Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff annoying. So annoying that it really distracted me from the majority of the episode. Now, full disclosure, I’ve never seen the X-Men movies that he was in. By the time those X-Men films had come out I had felt disinterested and suspicious of the quality considering we had been burned by so many Fox Marvel films before. (I only really like the original trilogy, Logan, and the Deadpool films). But, I know people love Peters as Quicksilver. So, is he normally like this or was he given the direction to be as insufferable as possible?

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Rating: 4/5

Hayward is proving himself to be the d*ck that we all thought he was. And I’m predicting that we’re going to see Monica with powers sooner rather than later. There wasn’t a whole lot of screen time for our trio, but the ending let us know that things are about to get interesting in Westview. Additionally, Paul Bettany gets an A+ for acting and for delivering us the Vision that we’ve always known him to be – a truth seeker and someone who cannot idly stand by while others suffer. I want Wanda to snap out of what she is doing and realizing it’s wrong, but she may have become more radical than ever with the end events. We shall see.

What’d you think of WandaVision episode six?

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