Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?

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It only took a few days after Netflix released season one of Who Killed Sara? for the streaming service to announce that season two would be coming in May. I had reviewed the first season, which captivated me from start to finish.

Slight Spoilers

Who Killed Sara? is a Spanish-language show on Netflix that follows the story of Alex – played by Manolo Cardona. Alex is wrongfully accused of murdering his sister when he was just a teenager and sent to prison for thirty years. After serving 18 years, Alex is out and ready to find answers. And exact revenge against the Lazcano family – who promised to help him and instead was the reason he was imprisoned.

Not only should you watch this show because the storyline is good, but because the actors as great. Each actor does a great job in their role. From the lead Manolo to his counterpart Elisa, played by Carolina Miranda; everyone gives an outstanding performance. This show is a murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns and plenty of emotional scenes that look to rip your heart out.

And the journey is just beginning. I originally walked into Who Killed Sara? thinking it was only going to be one season. That the story would wrap after that. After the massive cliffhanger in season one that is impossible. We need more and luckily we are getting more.

On top of this show having a well-woven story that keeps its cards hidden, it’s also a refreshing take on Latin American shows. Often times, shows centered in Mexico or Latin America are centered around drugs and the cartels. Who Killed Sara? has none of that. It centers around a powerful family and a murder mystery. It’s a story that we don’t often see and I’m glad it’s getting the attention it deserves.

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Make sure you catch up on season one of Who Killed Sara? before season two hits Netflix on May 19th. Also, check out the interview I did with Leo Deluglio – who played the younger version of Alex in the flashbacks!

Geek Vibes Interview: Leo Deluglio of Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?'

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