Everyone Loves Goose in Early Captain Marvel Screenings

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14557″ img_size=”590×350″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Unexpected heroes come in all shapes and sizes, so is it really any surprise in a cinematic world where a talking tree and raccoon are fan favorites that a cat stole the show in Captain Marvel? According to test screening, Carol Danvers’s cat Goose was the stand-out star for the upcoming MCU […]

Zack Snyder Will Produce ‘The Suicide Squad’ as James Gunn Directs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14554″ img_size=”800×334″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Suicide Squad 2 (dubbed The Suicide Squad) is bringing in some heavy hitters with James Gunn as the director for the film and Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder as the producers, along with Charles Roven and Peter Safran. Gunn was let go by Marvel last year and he will surely bring his […]

New Mutant Director Josh Boone Working on Post-Production

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14548″ img_size=”700×300″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]According to Deadline It is stated that Josh Boone was working on another project for CBS, a mini-series from one of Stephen King’s novel “The Stand” Many fans were wondering if New Mutants would be canceled because of this information, but that isn’t the case. Even though it had so many delays […]

James Gunn in Negotiations to Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14535″ img_size=”800×450″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Ever since it was announced that James Gunn, he of the very successful Guardians of the Galaxy films, was working on the script to the follow up to DC’s successful and somewhat polarizing Suicide Squad, it was wondered if he might direct the film as well. The answer to that question might be yes as Hollywood Reporter is […]

Patrick Stewart: New ‘Picard’ Series Will Be Like A 10 Hour Movie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14520″ img_size=”800×450″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]As a giant Star Trek nerd, I was particularly excited to the idea of revisiting Jean-Luc Picard. While much of the details of the show remain in the planning stages, translated: “Their not going to tell you.” However, in a recent interview with Yahoo, he explained how the creative people at CBS […]

Warner Bros. Developing a Animated Batman Beyond Film

According to The GWW’s writer Thomas Polito There is a Batman Beyond being developed right now in response to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse this is what they had to say, That this is DC’s response to Sony’s incredibly successful animated movie ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’. They’re currently targeting a 2022 release but that is not set in stone. […]

Matt Reeves On His Netflix Deal and The Future of The Batman Film

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14516″ img_size=”600×933″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Matt Reeves is the much talked about director who is tackling the mysterious film The Batman, which has been the subject of speculation over the past several months or so. Who is Matt Reeves? Well, he’s worked closely with other well-respected director J.J. Abrams on multiple projects in the past and in […]

Netflix’s You Adds The Haunting of Hill House Star For Female Lead

For anyone who has binge-watched the Netflix series You, you’ll agree that the ending was jaw-dropping and shocking. The way they set up season two has everyone asking when the next installment in and even though season one ended off with Joe being confronted by *spoilers* his presumably dead ex-girlfriend, it seems that she won’t […]

Amazon Prime’s Hanna Will Premiere Its First Episode After the Super Bowl

Amazon Prime’s series Hanna may not be coming to the streaming service until March, but viewers will have a chance to view the first episode for 24 hours after the Superbowl on February 3rd. The series stars Joel Kinnaman as Erik, Mireille Enos as Marissa, and Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna. With new footage released, we […]

Kevin Smith Describes Zack Snyder’s ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Trilogy As “Holy F*%K!”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”14504″ img_size=”700×521″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]It has been roughly 14 months since Justice League came out and since then the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has not slowed down and after todays news from Kevin Smith, I think it is only going to grow more. Kevin Smith is opening up about Zack Snyder’s planned Justice League trilogy and it sounds […]