Author: Devin McGrath-Conwell

Devin McGrath-Conwell holds a B.A. in Film / English from Middlebury College and is currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting from Emerson College. His obsessions include all things horror, David Lynch, the darkest of satires, and Billy Joel. Devin's writing has also appeared in publications such as Filmhounds Magazine, Film CredHorror Homeroom, and Cinema Scholars.

Barry Season 3, Episode 4 Recap & Review: Past Destroys PresentTitle: “crazytimesh*tshow”Air date: May 12, 2022The short of it: Launched into a new register after last episode’s paradigm-shifting revelations, “crazytimesh*tshow” hurdles Barry into new circles of hell summoned by Barry’s past sins.Reviewing last week’s episode, I brought up the concept of the sword of Damocles. At that moment, I invoked the mythical blade because of Fuches’ dastardly machinations to weaponize his and Barry’s shared past to ruin his former proétgé. With “crazytimesh*tshow,” the swords multiply, dipping even further into the past to dredge up ways to tighten the net. The episode opens…

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