Potential James Gunn ‘THE SUICIDE SQUAD’ Details Emerge, Margot Robbie Confirmed to Return


Loads of news broke this week about James Gunn’s upcoming film, The Suicide Squad. Yesterday we got word of who just might me making up the new Squad team plus that Dave Bautista might be joining the film as well. Idris Elba has replaced Will Smith as Deadshot and Joel Kinnaman is out as well. Today THR has dropped a new article that reveals some potential details behind Gunn’s script. The trade reports that Gunn will use a script adapting the John Ostrander run of the Suicide Squad rather than go back to the New 52 run which inspired David Ayer’s movie. No details have emerged on who the villains of the film will be but Ostrander did create a villain organization called Onslaught which was made up of a super powered team of Quarci terrorists.

In Suicide Squad Vol 1. the team was made up of members

  • Chimera
  • Djinn
  • Jaculi
  • Manticore
  • Colonel Mushtaq
  • Ravan
  • Rustam

There are a few different variations of the team through out comic history but this was Ostrander’s first team created and could potentially be the team the Suicide Squad faces off against in the film. Just speculation and nothing confirmed but a super powered team going up against the Squad would be much better than seeing them go up against another Enchantress.

THR also confirmed what many of us already know and that is that Margot Robbie will indeed be coming back to the film as Harley Quinn. Her role in the film has been rumored to be that of a limited one and this time the focus being more on Deadshot which is something THR indicates was a important for Gunn since he chose to recast the character rather than go with another member of the Squad in his place. Elba is a great actor and I assume you would not cast such if you intended on the film focusing on someone else. I think Will Smith did excellent as Deadshot and he had plenty of great moments in the film for sure. I am looking forward to seeing what Gunn does with this film and the inclusion of Elba, Robbie and potentially Bautista could lead to something great for DC.

How does this news sound to you? Are you familiar with Onsalught and the Ostrander Suicide Squad run? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter