The Top 10 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie or Series

Dark Horse's X is one of the superheroes who deserve their own movie

As aficionados of geek culture, we own a holiday list that may read a little differently than other mere mortals, like other superheroes who deserve their own movie or series. Yes, the elves are not production experts or action directors at the North Pole, but surely Santa knows a few people?

Is there anyone at Marvel or DC begging the rotund chuckle box for some more nerd-centric gifts at the North Pole? What about that one geek elf who reads Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, or IDW? That pointy-eared goober must have an email somewhere. Regardless of who is doing the outreach, we all demand a few things from the makers of big- or small-screen magic.

Other superheroes deserve their own movie or series.

Those of us who shout at our TVs for these people imbued with powers have a handful of names near the top of that list for the jolly fat man of the North. Let’s recap there:

  • Nova – Kevin Feige, playing the part of Santa, has heard those cries and has been open about either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander coming to the MCU.
  • Doctor Fate – He is finally coming to us in the new Black Adam movie (played by Pierce Brosnan? Yes, please). His arrival might bring us the Justice Society of America. (You heard it here first.)
  • Green Lantern John Stewart – If WB and HBOMax get their collective thumbs out of whatever orifice in which they are crammed, the Corps will be here with Stewart in tow.
  • Spawn – Michael Jai White is a supreme martial artist and talented actor, but he was given a trough full of crap and asked to make it smell like roses. This classic demon seed deserves a real chance. Shoot, how many opportunities has the Fantastic Four had?
  • Gambit – Please. Mr. Remy Etienne LeBeau was screwed by “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” His appearance was solid. That back-alley brawl in the French Quarter was fun, but then what? He vanished like a fart in the wind. Taylor Kitsch had an origin movie planned, but the 21 Century Fox vs. Marvel shenanigans took precedence. This movie is long overdue.

On with the show.

10. Black Knight (Marvel)

Black Knight is coming, thanks to the Eternals
Credit: Roy Thomas/John Buscema (Marvel)

If you are a comic fan and saw “Eternals,” you already know this guy is one of the superheroes who deserve their own movie or series. If not, there was so much more to that movie than you realized. Some comic “fans” believed “Eternals” would flop because the Avengers weren’t there. Well, a.) shut up and b.) you have homework to do. Dane Whitman was in the movie, which means that Kit Harrington is Black Knight.

Now, read up on MI-13 because there’s another faction coming to town starring Black Knight and this daywalker named Blade. (You know who else? Captain Britain!) Now that we know it’s been high time Black Knight was in a movie, can we talk about that casting? Kit Harrington? The dude already knows what it means to wield a sword, and now, the Ebony blade?! Yes, please.

To the King of the North!

9. Ninjak (Valiant)

Valiant should have given us Ninja-K instead of Bloodspot
Credit: Joe Quesada/Bob Layton (Valiant)

There are more comic publishers than Marvel and DC for the casual nerd. For instance, Valiant Comics was founded in 1989. They don’t have Jim Lee or Jack Kirby, so the art is slightly different, but these folks can make a story—see Harbinger or Imperium. Why bring it up? “Bloodshot.” Vin Diesel crapped the bed on this one, so we can only hope the bloodline on this saga is over. However, Valiant should be given another chance because superheroes deserve their own movie there.

Enter into the fray the comic character Valiant should have brought to life—Ninjak. If movies like “Snake Eyes” and “Shang-Chi” can be successful, so can this. Let’s give Valiant a mulligan because Colin King is a certified badass known as “the world’s foremost intelligence operative, weapons expert, and master assassin.” The guy hunts down baddies in the Shadow Seven, including a necromancer named Master Darque.

This movie would have been Valiant’s perfect launch, but they had to get a flat tire with Vin. Put that on blocks, Valiant. Do the right thing.

8. The Darkness (Image)

The Darkness is one of the superheroes who deserve their own movie, but do you know him?
Credit: Marc Silvestri/David Wohl/Garth Ennis (Image)

Back in the ‘90s, this dude reigned in comics and became quite the tentpole franchise for Image Comics and Top Cow Productions’ flagship “Witchblade.” Much like Venom’s symbiote, The Darkness needs a host to exist. Essentially, “it” is the embodiment of all the malice in the cosmos before the universe began.

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Fast forward 10,000 years, this ancient spirit finds Jackie Estacado on Earth, and all hell literally breaks loose. And despite the sardonic history of The Darkness, this is a classic anti-hero. Image likes the anti-hero, as noted with its most famous character, Spawn. Imagine an anti-hero with evil intentions and an invulnerable shapeshifter who can heal and form into shadows! Now you know why this is one of the superheroes who deserve their own film. This on a big screen would be gruesome and awesome.

Hollywood and Image need to sell a soul or two to make this happen.

7. Silver Surfer (Marvel)

Silver Surfer needs to be in a CBM, a real one.
Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel)

Oh, the humanity! Yes, this metallic-skinned neo alien got to hang 10 in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” Yet, the only thing that rose was acid reflux and popcorn from the past 90 minutes we had to watch that crap. No, this iconic superhero deserves much more.

Norrin Radd is one of the most prolific cosmic heroes and one of the most misunderstood. He is a noble creature who served the being he fights now and others like Loki, Mephisto, Warlock Prime, and Abomination. If those bridges aren’t enough, his origin movie could introduce the MCU’s version of the Fantastic Four and get to see what Galactus would look like on screen.

Oh yeah, and Surfer knows this Dr. Doom guy who has yet to fulfill any of his awesomeness.

6. X (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse has already featured superheroes who deserve their own movie, but no one it was them.
Credit: Mike Richardson/Chris Warner (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics has experienced some fruit for its labor at the box office or via Nielsen. They had superheroes who deserve their own movie and series, but one problem: Most people only know the characters and not the publisher. Ever heard of Hellboy, The Mask, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Of course, you have. Did you know Dark Horse was their home? Naturally, you don’t. (Also, Marv from “Sin City.”)

Today, Dark Horse needs a catalyst to get comic fans screaming their name, and X would make it happen.

Think of today’s comic brooding figures. We love vigilantes. We adore visceral fighting. We enjoy unbridled violence. And this dude has all three (also, he doesn’t have a name). However, he does have mutated DNA, so all the skills that should come with that are his. He lives a code: “one mark means a warning; the second is death.” Hence, “X.”

We gave Batman, Daredevil, and The Punisher much love. X needs some too.

5. Spider-Woman (Marvel)

Spider-Woman has long deserved to get into the MCU
Credit: Marie Severin/Archie Goodwin (Marvel)

Jessica Drew can do anything Peter Parker can do, plus she blasts fools with enhanced Venom. She was a brainwashed spy from HYDRA and even became one of the New Avengers. And who needs webs? This woman can fly and crawl walls. And, oh yeah, one of her besties is Captain Marvel.

Spider-Woman has many opportunities to become a vibrant part of the MCU. Either through the tapestry of characters, Sony and Marvel brought out with the Spiderverse or with a sequel to Captain Marvel down the road. She had a fantastic Saturday morning cartoon in the late ‘70s—Marvel’s first-ever animated series. She needs a movie or series today!

4. The Spectre (DC)

The Spectre would create the Horror CBM genre on his own

If you watched “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” you met Jim Corrigan, but no one came close to meeting Spectre. Marvel has threatened fans will experience some scares in the Doctor Strange sequel, and even James Wan can do something eerie in the Trench of Aquaman, but no comic supplies the open door to horror in a more potent way for the CBM genre than this guy!

The Spectre was created as “the embodiment of God’s wrath.” He is a sacrosanct tool of vengeance fighting the demonic powers of the underworld. Only, aside from the holiness of God, The Spectre’s form of justice is brutal, savage, and uncontrollably vicious. He could wallop Superman on his worst day, as in this force is imbued with the power of God. The divine spirit of vengeance would open our eyes to super-horror in the comic genre. Just imagine—DC and Warner Bros. could do it. If only they would try.

3. Deathstroke (DC)

Deathstroke was on a movie, and then it was taken away from us.
Credit: George Perez/Marv Wolfman (DC)

Ben Affleck teased it. Zack Snyder re-teased it. And Warner Media squashed it. That was a heinous atrocity for comic fans everywhere. Deathstroke was that close to being seen in full action and needed to come back. Slade Wilson needs to bring his reign of terror to a big screen.

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As a mercenary, this character needs a slow burn in a streamer series. Either way, Deathstroke would give DC fans something they’ve only had once—the ability to cheer for an enemy. All Deadpool’s power and capability, with more superhuman powers. Slade is not known for razor-sharp, acerbic wit, unlike his other label clone. However, he would kill when he is given a chance to be featured on a dedicated show or series.

You know? Like he already was.

2. Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)

Namor is still swimming toward the big screen. Hopefully.
Credit: Bill Everett (Marvel)

All comic fans were waiting for this in “Black Panther 2” with post-credit teases, but everything changed when Chadwick Boseman succumbed to colon cancer. No one was certain what would happen with the highly anticipated sequel. And then, this happened.

Marvel took a bold – and right – stand about not recasting T’Challa. No one cares how many different Batmen there have been. None of those actors died. This is out of respect, and fans (and trolls) need to bone up and shut up.

Then, we get a rumor about Namor appearing and looking like Tenoch Huerta (best known as Rafael Caro Quintero in “Narcos: Mexico”). If so, superb. Yet, it’s only a rumor. Namor has needed to be in the MCU for a while. DC got their Atlantean King, who returned to Warner Bros. more than $1 billion in buried treasure. Namor is one superhero who deserves his own movie, but will we get it? Who knows what will float to shore, but it should happen quickly.

(And, not for nothing, but let’s hope Marvel does something about the Sub-mariner walking around in a Speedo all day, and we’re left to guess if that’s a hamster crammed in there. Sigh.)

1. Icon (Milestone)

Icon must get his own CBM because America needs this story.
Credit: Dwayne McDuffie/M.D. Bright (Milestone/DC)

This is a limb I have personally been on for years. No one from WB, DC, or even Milestone Comics have heard my cry, but here’s to hoping. In a world of awakening social justice and outcries for DEI everywhere, there could be no better hero to fly under than the banner than Augustus Freeman IV—ICON.

His origin story alone would make one powerful film. He crashes a starship into the Antebellum South of 1839, and no less in the middle of a cotton field. He takes the lifeform of the first person he meets – a slave woman named Miriam who took in this baby Arnus of Terminus and gave him the name Augustus. Today, Augustus is a regarded and accomplished attorney in Dakota City.

Yes, this is a similar story to Superman, but the lesson this alien brings Earth is what we all need to hear. And given he’s been connected to three different factions—The Cooperative, The Shadow Cabinet, and The Justice League—imagine what WB and DC could do with this? And then, he has all of Kal-El’s powers, plus he’s immortal, can heal, and can manipulate energy. Yes, like Captain Marvel stuff here. (Dude could open a can of whoop @$$ on Supes too.)

His story would open the door to an entirely new universe—one that creates anticipation, evocation, obliteration, and above all, conversation.

Featured Image Credit: Dark Horse Comics (Mike Richardson/Chris Warner)

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