Michael Cudlitz played Abraham Ford in AMC’s The Walking Dead from season four to season seven. Having become a fan favorite, the character met his demise at the hand of Negan in season seven’s premiere. On top of Abraham being on the receiving end of Lucille’s barb wires, Glenn almost was killed in the same episode. Since then, Steven Yeun has gone on to become an Oscar nominee and Cudlitz has actually returned to the show as a director.

While post-TWD has been good to bother actors, Cudlitz does admit that he feels that his character was killed off too soon. In a recent interview, Cudlitz explained:

“I thought that having myself and the Glenn character die in the same episode was too much and not necessary for the story that they were trying to tell. I think they could have spread that out and gotten more bang for their buck as it were. And I think a lot of the fan base was really, really upset when that happened because the talk was ‘Which one is it going to be? Which one is it going to be? Which ONE is it going to be?’ And it wound out being two of the biggest fan-favorites.”

Cudlitz continued:

“Myself being a fan of the show, the Glenn character played by Steven Yeun, was my favorite character. Glenn and Carol had always been my favorite characters. So to have those two characters go at the same time, for me, that was just a bridge too far. Some people loved it, it’s exciting, it resets the whole show. It gives people a wonderful, emotional place to jump off from. So far as the characters in the show, having to process that. The characters are processing it the same way the fans are, it’s a huge loss to the group. So in some ways I get it, but as a fan of the show, I thought it was just a little bit too much.”

Do you think Abraham was killed off too soon? Let us know!

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