Opinions of a Traditionalist: The Gifts I have Received from 2020

By now, it’s been no secret that 2020 has been subpar as far as years go. I know that’s being generous. It has been as horrible a 365 day marathon as we have had in awhile. But, as you will see in our coming year in review article (shameless plug), there was some good that could be found in the year. The same could be said for myself. So, it is with great thanks that I discuss the gifts I have received this year.

The Gift of You: Our Followers

As 2020 began, we at GVN discussed how we wanted to approach the year. The general consensus was to continue to do what we do but better. That has been our goal for this year and we’d like to think we have done pretty well in that task. But there’s always more we can do. So first off, I am thankful for the gift of our followers. You have been awesome. After all, it’s you, our followers who drive this whole machine. Without you, we are nothing. So thank you for staying with us all year and sharing the word with your friends. Please know we will continue to be YOUR source for all your Geek stories, reviews, interviews, and giveaways.

Our Fearless Leaders

One of the other things we talked about was us putting ourselves out there more. Basically trying to allow our followers to be able to place a face with a name. This is always a work in progress and we have did our best this year to make it happen.

So with that in mind, thank you to our fearless leaders at GVN. Juwaan, Cainan, Tia and Dom who have gifted us with avenues to do just that. From new Podcasts like Tea Time with Tia, and our own Martin and Kathy’s Coffee Binge, we have been able to share our thoughts and faces with you. It has been fun and hopefully you have been entertained as well. Continue to look for even more new content in the coming year along with our diverse staple of Podcasting goodness.

The Gift of Gab

One of the great things this year has been our opportunity to talk to a large number of very talented people. Stars from film, television, writers, and producers have honored us with their time and their thoughts. Myself, I have been gifted with the opportunity to talk to a plethora of great comic talent from great independent publishers.

Ahoy Comics

Thanks to the great folks at Ahoy Comics and their representatives Hanna Bahedry and Tom Hyde and for giving us the gift of access to such talents as Mark Russell, Tom Peyer, Mariah McCourt, Stuart Moore, Richard Pace, Sarah Litt, Soo Lee, and Pippa Bowland. They were great and were very open to answer any and all questions.


From Comixology, we talked to Patrick Olliffe, Chuck Austen, Christopher Mitten, and Jeremy Haun. These great talents shared their new projects and how they all came about. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these multi-talented creators.

Thanks also to DC, Marvel, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Humanoids, TKO Studios, Skull Dust Press, for trusting us to help spread their good word. We look forward to continuing our partnership with all of you to bring the very best in comics to our followers.


If there’s one thing that the pandemic helped boost it was the use of Kickstarter to promote great projects. As each of these campaigns started, we were gifted with an opportunity to visit with such talents as Artist/Writer Peter Ricq, Writers and Co-Creators of The Trap, Lance Briggs and Kyle Higgins, and Artist extraordinaire Brian Stelfreeze. All of these projects met their goals and we were pleased to help spread the word.

If that wasn’t enough, throughout the year we also talked to artist Tiernan Trevallion, and writers Katie Batchelor, Helen Mullane, and writer, and journalist Mike Sager. Mike had so much great content we broke his interview into two parts.

We also talked to the most impressive game maker Josh Loveridge, comic writing legend JM DeMatteis and most recently Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer Lyndsay Buroker. It was an honor to talk to all of them and share their thoughts with our readers.

So 2020 was not anything like we would have hoped. However, there were plenty of gifts given that we were proud to share with you, our great followers. I can only imagine bigger and better things coming in 2021. I HAVE to believe that. We wish everyone the  very best of holiday seasons from all of us at GVN. 🖖🏻

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